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STAY WITH ME for Crystal
SOMEDAY for Mom Zee
THE DOOR for Earl
FOUR WALLS for Mookie

All lyrics and music by David Zee
Lyrics for "Children of Conflict" and "Classified" co-written by Ashley Pound
Vocals, piano, acoustic guitars, keyboards, melodica: David Zee
Slide Guitar for "Classified": Jim Seechuk
Percussion for "Johnna Knows," "The Tap Root Tree": Derrik Jordan
Percussion for "In a Dark Room": Jimmy Brink
Additional vocals:
"Stay With Me": Karyn Oliver
"Someday," "Children of Conflict": Cara Costantini
"Johnna Knows": Kathleen Pemble
"The Tap Root Tree": Michael Shacoshis, Kathleen Pemble
"The Old Folkies Home": Karyn Oliver, Matt Lehr, and "The Superbowl Party Choir": Crystal Bosserman, Roger Frissora, Larry Dennis, Nadine, and Kayla
Recorded in living rooms, kitchens, classrooms and other rooms from 1999 to 2007.
Vocals for "Stay With Me" and "The Funny Little Organ" recorded at Technique Inc., Baltimore MD
Mixed and mastered by Ty Ford, Technique Inc., Baltimore MD
Cover photo of David Zee: John Kessel
Graphic design: Ashley Pound
© 2007 David Zee - All rights reserved
David Zee Music, P.O. Box 1590, New York NY 10028

Moving boxes every inch piled high and tight
Single bed by the wall
One-room palace paper plates by candlelight
Cold and dark in the fall
There's no wine glass coffee mug will do
As long as i can sip this grape with you

Stay with me
Hearts in tune
Starting new
Sparkling blue harmony

Hard luck love life was my story until now
Hurting heart history
Out of nowhere you appeared to me somehow
An unsolved mystery
Where'd you come from, how did you get here
It was cloudy, now it's crystal clear
Stay with me...

Rolling pennies nickels from the loose change jar
Just to go on the town
No work no plans nothing left but burned-out stars
But it won't keep us down
From the life i had to leave behind
Yo this place i never thought i'd find
Stay with me...

Raymond packed his suitcase and left it by the door
He was always ready for a trip seven days before
This time all his road maps couldn't show the way
Through the fields and farms a million miles away
As Janet tried to help him figure what to pack
She wanted to secure her soul on the luggage rack
She caught his eyes in silence reaching for the door
On the journey he had never made before

But I think they'll be together again someday
He'll be back on the tractor chewin on some hay
She'll be safe from harm on a Maryland farm every Saturday
I think he's coming back this time to stay
I think they'll be together again someday

She remembers how she watched him drive the mountain roads
To the refuge of the timbers near forgotten motherloads
Sometimes she just stayed at home to keep the city near
Now she swears she'd trade it all for one more year
But I think they'll be together...

Raymond's illness took him down and Janet's tears flowed free
The lawyers came, she signed her name and sold the property
She told me of her dream where he was leaving for the road
Without a suitcase or her hand to hold
But I think they'll be together...

If you walk the streets tonight
We'll be there at every light
Strumming strings as they ring through the crowd
Just a dollar for a song
Buddy how can you go wrong
Won't you toss a little in the hat and sing with us out loud

You can run us out of town
But we'll always be around
Singing in the street as we roam
We don't need no cars
Just our songs and our guitars
We'll be wailing at the Old Folkies Home

Like the minstrel days of yore
And the travelling troubadors
Our tradition traces to the dawn of time
If you'd get us both a drink
Buddy that would help us think
Of the history that led us down this long and lonely line
You can run us out of town...

Now they're closing up the town
All the bars are shutting down
The police are patrolling the square
But as long as there's a moon
We will play just one more tune
Don't be shocked at five o'clock AM if we're still playing there
You can run us out of town...

Year after year the conflict went on
Neighbor fought neighbor with beatings and bombs
Tempers were short and memory was long
Hatred like tree roots grew strong
Fighting continued as peacemakers tried
To find a solution and close the divide
They asked each camp to send ten of their young
To meet far away from the guns

Children of conflict came from both sides
Gathered together without knowing why
Seeing the faces of those they despised
And the tears in the enemy's eyes

They listened in silence and stared at the floor
While one girl whose brother had died in the war
Talked of the life that he'd never live
She would never forgive
No one responded, what could be said
To a child of an enemy mourning her dead
Everyone there had a loved one who'd died
They all broke down and cried

Children of conflict came from both sides
Gathered together without knowing why
Seeing the sorow that time can't erase
And the tears on the enemy's face
No one expects to see conflict resolved
Where years of destruction and hate are involved
But if twenty children achieved nothing more
They put faces on war

Children of conflict came from both sides
Gathered together without knowing why
Knowing the sorow that time can't erase
And the tears on the enemy's face

Johnna's room puts my mind in a trance
Silks from india and coffee from france
The scent of cloves and incense is filling the air
Ink drawings and green palms everywhere
Johnna's eyes make me dizzy and weak
Living dangerously in valleys and peaks
Wondering where i stand as the evening slides past
Sweet closeness in small doses goes fast

Johnna knows but she's not gonna tell
It's still a secret she keeps very well
Johnna knows her heart is closed in a shell
Johnna changes her mind every day
Should she take some classes or move to L.A.
What should she do with the two men who've captured her mind
Both please her, she won't leave one behind
Johnna's future is a white empty wall
She wants to paint it and cover it all
But she likes too many colors and she can't decide
Which love does she dream of deep inside

Johnna knows but she's not gonna tell
Why should she choose when it's going so well
Johnna knows her heart is closed in a shell

Getting through one night at a time
Pain and pleasure that fill up my mind
Hidden meaning in every word that she says
How long can it go on on the edge

Johnna knows but she's not gonna tell
Why should she choose when it's going so well
Johnna knows and if it shows what the hell

I build the doors in the city
I help them lock in their lives
Turning the knobs on their jobs and their husbands and wives
One day i saw a new door
One that my hands had not made
I heard a voice say come through and i was not afraid

Then i opened the door never opened before
And i saw there was more than i knew
And i followed the guide as he flew me inside of the view

I saw a million children
Each waving wings with a smile
Walking on air to a fair where they dance in the aisles
The road and the sky were shining
They were the same in this time
Stained glass and stone sang refrains in a tone clear and fine
Then I opened the door...

I can see there
I can be there
I can walk through the windows and walls
As the barriers crumble and fall
And give way to a new nature's law
I will be there

Now I can see the true world
Simple things glow to the touch
We all build hallways to hide when the truth is too much
None of the walls will hold us
None of the doors will be real
Nothing to prove we can make the earth move as we feel
Then i opened the door...

I can see there
I can be there
I can walk through the windows and walls
(Learning to see as at birth)
As the barriers crumble and fall
(A warrior walks on the earth)
And give way to a new nature's law
I will be there (Not as before)
I will be there (Come through the door)
I will be there

Every day you couldn't wait to run outside and see
What was dancing in the dirt and up in the trees
To a sweet spot in the sun resting casually
Till you ran back to me

When you lived within four walls it was hard for you
Staring sadly through the glass at the river view
But I'd rather you lived free than safe inside a room
Till you ran back to me

We watched your eyes of wisdom as you wandered
Wondering what you saw that we could not
Trying to perceive the thoughts you pondered
Some say what you learn is just the things that you forgot

Now I want to live each minute like it was the last
Not to think about the future or what's in the past
When your month was like a year the time went by too fast
Till you ran back to me

Not a single day goes by that i don't think of you
And remember all the things that we used to do
And have hope I took the right road to be true to you
And wish that you'd run back
Run back to me

As I was a-walkin' along the morning shore
I met a fair young maiden, a beauty that's for sure
Her skin was white as oyster shells, her eyes a lovely pair
A muslin shawl around her neck, silk ribbons in her hair
She asked me would I play a tune to soothe the roaring tide
On the funny little organ that I carry by my side

I put the organ to my lips and played a melody
It came from deep within the raging rhythms of the sea
I felt her eyes upon me as I played with all my heart
Inside my soul was dancing like a rooster in the yard
I felt the passion from within us could not be denied
As it filled the little organ that I carry by my side

I said dear maiden can I woo you by the fire bright
You set my heart aflame and my fancy into flight
And then one special day I'll ask your father for your hand
She said you silly fellow, I don't think you understand

You play a pretty tune but you could never be the one
For I have drawn the favor of the royal Governor's son
Do you think I can afford silk ribbons on my own?
I want a man of means to buy me clothes and precious stones

'Twas then I learned the truth that minstrels knew in days of old
That If you can pay the piper it's because you've got the gold
And as for me I am content with tunes I can provide
On the funny little organ that I carry by my side

He walked into a dark room
Off the alley near the subway
He was drawn to enter by an inner voice
Everybody told him
That he could not change what happened
He was certain there must be another choice
Storefront gypsy whispered
"I can see that you are troubled"
He said "I'll do whatever it will take"

Tell me what you see beyond the edge
Tell me what you see beyond
This world I'm trapped upon, I'm on the edge

They sat inside a dark room
With their hands placed on the table
And a candle flickered shadows on the wall
She closed her eyes and mumbled
Incantations, pleas and questions
He thought that he could hear the spirits call
Tell me what you see...

He sat inside a dark room
In the house that they had lived in
And he looked up at her picture on the wall
TV psychic beckoned
From a small set on the table
He never thought he’d be the kind that called
Help me Sister Sarah
I swear I feel her presence
She's following me everywhere I go
Tell me what you see...

What in hell did I do wrong and how'd I end up here
There must be a reason but it's not exactly clear
"You should know," they told me, "you're the one who did the crime"
But the only one who's clueless is the one who's facing time
Who is my accuser, 'cause he's not identified
They tell me that his name is classified

Classified, classified, what informants spread these lies
How do I deny their claims when I don't even know their names

They sent me to a lawyer who agreed to plead my case
He said, "They'll think you're guilty 'cause you've got that kind of face
You're a threat to state security so lay low for a while
I'll file the writs as time permits, someday you'll get your trial
I asked him what the charge is, what's the law that I've defied
He said, "Ingrate! Don't be foolish! You know that's classified"

Classified, classified, reputation tossed aside
How can I make my defense if I can't see the evidence

Peeking through the shadows was another man accused
He whispered from the darkness, sounding frightened and confused,
"It's been years with no indictment, I'm just waiting for the word."
I told him that his situation bordered on absurd
The judges and the wardens can't deny your basic rights
"Give it time," he said, "and you will lose your will to fight
You can't understand the law, believe me, I have tried.
The lawyer is my only chance
To change this dreadful circumstance
And save me from my ignorance
In case I'm not in compliance
With every rule they say is classified"

Classified, classified, what to do when hope has died?
How can they enforce these laws that hold a person without cause

The law lies in a hidden room beyond an open door
The guard who blocks the entrance won't say what the door is for
You can try to bribe him like the others must have done
But you find out, after years go by, that you're the only one
Yes, this door was meant for only you, and access is denied
They tell you that the password is classified

Classified, classified, secrets hidden deep inside
Locked away from pubic view, next time they might come for you

The tap root tree grows far and deep
Where the possums play and the mudworms sleep
Seeking life everywhere it lives
And taking a lot less than it gives
And the roots go round the world
And the roots go round the world
They wind and curl and wind and curl
And the roots go round the world

People on every continent
Could embrace the tree to their hearts' content
Eating the fruit, sleeping in the shade
Carving the wood into things they made
And the roots go round...

But no body was keeping track
They took from the tree and did not give back
For years they were looking the other way
And the roots dried up and the leaves blew away
And the roots go round...

When their eyes were opened they began to see
How much they would miss the tap root tree
Their tears fell into the hungry ground
And the big tree grew back safe and sound
And the roots go round...